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About us

Biological Conservation supports the conservation objectives of NGOs, government agencies, and local community groups by providing a diverse range of technical services aimed at sustainable resource management. Our work encourages ecosystem integrity (that is, keeping all elements of the whole) as a core operating principal for fostering the resilience of natural systems and the human communities they benefit. We apply innovative field and analytic methodologies that provide valuable insights into ecosystem function and support development of management tools that are key to effective stewardship. Likewise, the application of our broad expertise and integrated approach towards planning ensures that conservation challenges are met with care, skill, and a focus on providing solutions that equitably consider the needs of people and the ecosystems to which they belong.

An Enduring Legacy

Published in 1949, Aldo Leopold’s Sand County Almanac articulated both a deeply personal and objectively rational appreciation for what remained of the wild in an industrial age marked by rapid ecological change. At the core of this work, the Land Ethic focused attention to the obligations human kind shoulders as members and stewards of the ecosystems they inhabit and influence. By promoting ecosystem integrity, Leopold’s work marked a historic shift in awareness that continues to inspire and inform generations of ecological practitioners and others who simply would rather not live “without wild things.” Biological Conservation strives to meet each challenge with fidelity to this tradition.




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